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Um, I think there is definitely going to be a bit challenging to crack up it. I think that immunity, uh, areas is there for a reason, and they're often behave as resistance as though they're assumed to be. Thus, uh, but this consolidation towards the very top is significantly more bullish than bearish. We had, '' I knew high close.

This had been higher than any clothes since September. This really is bullish. That is clearly a bullish indicator. I'd really like to observe a detailed, you realize, above this Fibonacci line, however, maybe we will get there now and possibly we will get there tomorrow. Still need about a half a day left at the current day we analyzed, so we will find out exactly what happens there.

12 hour graph. Not to intriguing. Four-hour graph is also not so intriguing, however it's also, it's consolidating at the very best, so the odds of a break-out is a small bit bigger. Uh, give me sec. A number of guys.

All right back, therefore

Let us look at traditional markets. Actually, I want to go take a look at your livechat, see what exactly was happening on at the live conversation, so do you please let's know where people are on the financial cycle curve. Uh, this period this past calendar year, we were near anxiety. Uh, this really is correct. At the moment; point. Last 12 months we weren't near a panic because we all, the price tag on the coin that this time last year has been just like around $3,000.

I am not certain where we are. I must really go and take a look at that. I have not looked at the graph in a long moment.

Uh, so I would say first and foremost is my lines

Six hour graph online. Idon't know how badly I get the six hour graph. Second was, uh, very, uh, constantly found days as your platelet expenditures are greater than

All, let us proceed to traditional markets and determine what's going about there. S O very good gold a gold is taking a little bit. Um, as I said yesterday, or I would stay away from the gold exchange now. It really can go either way. If some thing is, even if I actually don't have certainty using one facet or another, why I wouldn't exchange it.

There is additional assets,

Petroleum jelly. I think oil can go down. I am bearish on oil here. Um, it really is really a green one. Price reverse. Once two weeks, we'd a nine. We had a person to 4 Campbell. Correction, possibly now it really is time to the countdown period. This may be the daily model of oil. This is the weekly version of petroleum, and it's only out of 5, and also you get a severe service right here at 47 and 48 I should say.

Of course, if this breaks down oils along with trouble because MPS that are new all time highs. S O I am bullish, '' the SMP. Okay. And let us proceed . Zoom. I'm Freestyle zoom. Oh, market opens into a few momemts, therefore I'll stick around for economy open and we will see exactly where it moves. Ok.